NDS Surgical Imaging brings years of experience in providing the world’s leading OEM medical manufacturers with comprehensive, customized solutions, and forward-looking imaging technologies. NDSsi’s strong collaborative culture with manufacturers, clinicians and research hospitals enables delivery of tomorrow’s medical imaging solutions.

  • The most renowned endoscopic camera brands rely on our high-speed, high-precision solutions, and DSP technologies to test their optics and give their customers visualization systems that deliver the industry’s most accurate video reproduction for minimally invasive surgery.
  • OR medical device manufacturers choose our visualization systems for their high versatility, universal compatibility, and efficient design, including technology that controls multiple modalities.
  • World-leading medical corporations rely on our superior HD imaging and DSP solutions.
  • Prominent research and university hospitals worldwide, such as Stanford, UCSF, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, Henry Ford Health System, Erasmus University Rotterdam use our visualization systems for their unparalleled range of view for teaching and collaboration.
  • World-leading digital OR companies adopt our advanced image management, Web-based surgical documentation, image distribution, and control technologies.





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