Image quality without compromise

Hospitals around the world trust Dome radiology display monitors to provide the most pristine image clarity and the most precise calibration in the industry. Dome displays avoid the use of protective glass, which can cause image interference often found in competitive products. Every Dome display is factory characterized using a high-precision photometer at the center of the screen, giving you more accurate and reliable calibration than inferior edge-mounted sensors. By using this stored data for instant conformance checks, Dome displays remain in perfect DICOM calibration. The legacy of Dome innovation continues, from the brand that introduced the world’s first auto-calibrating radiology LCD system.

Advantages that make Dome the Right choice

Our engineers consider the radiologist’s environment and specific needs in every way. Here are some of the critical advantages you enjoy when you choose the Dome brand:

The highest quality calibration in the industry, factory-characterized, with easy out-of-the-box set up. No further calibration is ever necessary.

Unique fanless cooling system, eliminating mechanical fans which are prone to failure, draw in dust, generate heat, and consume extra power.

Image clarity without protective glass, ensuring there is nothing between you and your image, no distracting reflections, no blurred images, and no eye fatigue.

The most sleek, lightweight designs available, intelligently engineered to give you efficient cooling, thin bezels, advanced electronics, and easy lifting!

RightLightTM backlight stabilization is constantly monitoring your system, making sure your displays are always ready for superior diagnostic viewing.

Our industry-leading warranty program includes 10-year backlight protection on grayscale radiology monitors and 5 years on color units, plus an Advanced Exchange Program for even greater peace of mind.


Impeccable technical support

Our Customer Care group is a dedicated team of radiology product experts. Application engineers are also at your service with immediate on-site assistance. When you choose Dome radiology products, you can be confident you made the right choice.