We looked for a partner who would allow us to meet the needs of our most demanding internal customers. We soon realized that NDSsi was by far the most experienced partner for us in surgical image guidance and support.

Unlike other vendors, with NDSsi we do not need to adapt or calibrate the color settings when installing the displays. That saves us a lot of time and guarantees perfect display quality from the start.”

Kris Schoonjans, Project Manager, Medical Instrumentation
University Hospitals Leuven (UZ Leuven), Belgium

The versatile connector panel is key for us: we use three different image generating platforms and the Radiance screens connect to all of them. In particular I appreciate the NDSsi PIP and Swap feature, which allows me to see two sources on a single screen, right in front of me, during confocal endomicroscopy. This speeds up the intervention."

Prof. Dr. Raf Bisschops, Deputy Head, Department of Gastroenterology
University Hospitals Leuven (UZ Leuven), Belgium

Before we even started on the PACS implementation, we already had two or three grayscale Dome C3i displays by NDSsi. We had those displays for three years—we still have them in use today—and we’ve just never had a problem with them. No service calls. No worries. And the Dome monitors were very easy to set up and install. We were really satisfied with them, and we wanted that same great service and reliability for the new PACS."

Brian Cox, Director, IT Customer Service
Norton Healthcare

There’s no question the Dome E4cs are more ergonomic than dual-head monitors. We didn’t expect such high acceptance of them, but the perception of our clinicians is that these displays not only eliminate two bezels, they offer a more pleasing and better quality image than the color displays we had in place before. As we grow, the number of work stations increases, necessitating uniformity of images across the enterprise. Being able to monitor those from a central location is essential for larger deployments."

Terence Matalon, MD FACR FSIR, Chief of Radiology
Einstein Healthcare Network

The NDSsi high-definition Radiance® imaging system is an essential part of visualization with our high-definition endoscopes. It is exceptionally bright, fast as well as offers advanced image integration capabilities. It supports our demanding surgical needs and assists us in providing better patient care."

Roy Soetikno, M.D., M.S., Chief of Endoscopy, Associate Professor of Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine, Veterans Affairs Hospital, Palo Alto, CA

Performance is everything. NDSsi's excellent price and performance permitted the cost per workspace to be considerably less than some alternative solutions. Without compromising image performance or efficacy of the system, the radiologists access the images with the same look and feel anywhere within HFHS."

Michael Flynn, Ph.D.
Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI

The NDSsi Radiance® 42 HD is outstanding! Our surgeons and staff are overwhelmed with the image quality, clarity, and crispness from different sources – whether endoscopic camera, in light camera, vital signs, or PACS.  It is highly superior than any other surgical imaging system and our hospital will not settle for anything less!"

Sheldrick Streete, OR Director
Baptist St. Anthony Hospital, Amarillo, TX

I’m very pleased with the new 26” Radiance® from NDS Surgical Imaging. The brightness, anti-reflection and sharpness are excellent, color rendering is natural and brilliant, and quick camera movements have no delays or fuzziness. In addition, I was very impressed by the competent and quick service I received from NDSsi."

Dr. Andreas Zipf, Specialist of Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Gastroenterology Practice

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