Dome CXtra

Dome CXtra

Automated DICOM Calibration.
Universal QA Solution.

Dome CXtra is a universal quality assurance software to be used with the Dome line of diagnostic displays and general purpose displays. With Dome CXtra, displays can be monitored and managed for conformance to DICOM standards. Dome CXtra offers a variety of test patterns that check the display quality and consistency as well as tools to validate the performance of the display against a variety of stringent standards – AAPM TG18 and DIN. The software's innovative architecture provides the capability to perform quality assurance on Dome's line of displays.

In addition, Dome CXtra's remote monitoring* and reporting capabilities let both users and QA professionals easily evaluate and track the conformance status of their Dome displays providing a common, easy-to-manage QA environment for medical imaging.

Dome CXtra software** is included at no additional charge with every Dome display.

* Using Enterprise Management Service.
**Enterprise Management Service costs extra.


  • Fully automated DICOM calibration
  • Enterprise management tools
  • Wizards for DIN and AAPM TG18
  • Test Patterns, Reports and Alerts
  • Common, intuitive software environment for all Dome imaging displays
  • Upgradeable open architecture
  • Support of panels driven by commodity graphics card
  EX Displays
Operating System Windows® XP SP3, Windows® Server 2008 R2, Windows® 7 SP1
Supported Displays Dome EX Series, Dome GX Series, Dome SX Series
Supported Video Cards Dome Video Board Compatibility Matrix
Calibration Method Automated DICOM calibration via embedded RightLight sensor
CXtra Services RightLight, Reporting, Privilege, Backlight Saver Enterprise Management, AAPM TG18,Test Patterns,QuickSwitch
and DIN Acceptance Test
Supported Photometers Dome LCD Photometer
Optional Accessory - LCD Photometer (DICal)
Photometer Specifications
Maximum Luminance 800 cd/m² TD>
Minimum Luminance 0.1 cd/m²
Precision <=0.0002 cd/m²
Repeatability ±0.002 xy  ±1% Y
Accuracy ±0.006 xy ±3% Y
Acceptance angle 10 degrees
Measurement time 1 second typical
Diameter 56.4 mm
Height 35.2 mm
Weight 99.2 grams
Materials ABS plastic, black felt
Cable Black straight 6 ft length
Host interface USB
Certifications CE mark 
Warranty One year standard

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