Dome Color Radiology Displays

Dome S6c LED Color Radiology Display

Premium 6MP Diagnostic Color Display.

The Dome S6c display offers the latest in LCD technology to provide superb image quality and long product life within a sleek 30" package.

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Dome S3c LED Color Radiology Display

Premium 3MP Diagnostic Display.

The Dome S3c LED display is the all-in-one diagnostic monitor deployable throughout the hospital enterprise.

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E3c High-Bright Color Radiology Display

High Bright Color. DICOM Calibration.

The Dome E3cHB is a high-bright PACS display ideal for general purpose imaging and deployable throughout the hospital enterprise.

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GX4MP Color Radiology Display

Color and Grayscale Viewing. DICOM Calibration.

The Dome GX4MP is a 30-inch widescreen display offering multi-modality viewing in both color and grayscale. The GX4MP is ideal for reading PET-CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and Pathology, as well as CR and DR.

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GX2MP Plus Color Display

Superb Visual Quality. DICOM Calibration.

The Dome GX2MP Plus is a high-quality color display ideal as a companion monitor for the Dome EX and S series of displays.

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