Dome Grayscale Radiology Displays

S10 Grayscale Radiology Display

Premium 10MP Diagnostic Grayscale Display.

The Dome S10 display enables the next great advancement for mammography with the first radiology display monitor capable of showing two 5MP images for back-to-back chest wall reads.

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S3 LED Grayscale Radiology Display

Premium 3MP Diagnostic Grayscale Display.

The Dome S3 LED is an innovative display system equipped with Dome RightCheck front sensor technology.

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E5 Grayscale Radiology Display

High Resolution. DICOM Calibrated.

The Dome E5 medical display is built for the most demanding diagnostic applications, including mammography, CR, and DR with unsurpassed image quality and resolution.

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E3 Grayscale Radiology Display

Open Architecture Support. DICOM Calibrated.

The Dome E3 medical display is the benchmark of diagnostic precision with high luminance and contrast, and pristine image quality.

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