Surgical Informatics

As medical imaging technologies become more complex in today’s operative settings, simplifying the informatics and management of visual information and equipment takes on more importance. Synchronized connectivity, image capture, distribution, documentation, and management of multiple imaging modalities are increasingly needed whether for MIS, diagnostic imaging, hemodynamic monitoring, PACS, or telemedicine. Operative suites need to provide interactive, controllable, instant, and easy access to any type of clinical visualization content, enabling physicians to make informed decisions in real-time.

NDS Surgical Imaging provides surgical informatics platforms for real-time image management, distribution, control from multiple sources, and the incorporation of Internet connectivity for streaming video and image routing throughout the hospital and beyond. Full Duplex Audio is included in streaming. NDSsi’s surgical informatics platform solutions encompass:

  • ConductOR™ – An all-in-one, customizable informatics platform, enabling video format conversion, image scaling, routing, switching and IP streaming.
  • ScaleOR™ – A medical-grade video converter/scaler, with modular design supporting both analog and digital video in HD or SD formats.
  • ExpandOR™ – A multi-node, bi-directional HD video/audio streaming device, specially designed to allow secure streaming to multiple destinations simultaneously.  
  • ZeroWire® Wireless Imaging – An advanced medical-grade, wireless video solution that reliably delivers full HD surgical video in real time.


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