Surgical Visualization Products

In minimally invasive surgery (MIS) the ability to clearly and precisely visualize the surgical site is critical. NDS Surgical Imaging offers the most advanced and comprehensive surgical imaging products that support single, multiple or full modality imaging while being fully compliant for medical use in surgery. NDSsi’s imaging systems offer exceptional image quality, clarity, consistency, performance, and ergonomic design. They dominate today’s surgical markets and are considered the industry standard for the digital OR.

NDSsi pioneered the proprietary core technologies that enable surgical and diagnostic imaging to be viewed on the same high-definition (HD) compliant visualization systems. Advanced Imaging Processing (AIP), Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and related informatics technologies allow simultaneous viewing of real-time video, fluoroscopic, ultrasound, or vital sign imaging. Additionally, these technologies offer surgeons new capabilities as MIS and diagnostic imaging increasingly converge. AIP and DSP proprietary technologies from NDSsi encompass:

  • Color Correction Technology (CCT) is a dynamic color calibration solution designed to fine tune the color response of surgical displays, uniquely correcting high-definition images in real-time on a pixel-by-pixel basis. The result is accurate, consistent color across all displays, conforming to international standards.
  • Image-Lag Reduction™ (ILR) incorporates advanced interpolation algorithms to deliver the industry’s fastest video response time with lag-free imaging, greatly enhancing accuracy in surgical navigation.
  • Picture-Perfect Technology™ (PPT) eliminates the jagged edges that appear when interlaced video signals are displayed, resulting in the highest image clarity and precise positioning of instrumentation.

NDSsi’s growing portfolio of surgical imaging solutions currently include:

Radiance® HD Surgical Displays – The most advanced and comprehensive HD visualization system available for minimally invasive surgery and interventional procedures. Display sizes: 19”, 24”, 26”, 27", 32”, 42”, 55”.

EndoVue® HD Surgical Displays – Fully compliant HD medical visualization systems delivering all the features you need in a cost-effective solution. Display sizes: 15”, 19”, 21”, 24”.

ZeroWire® Wireless Imaging – An advanced medical grade, wireless video solution delivering full HD surgical video in real time.



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