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Innovation in operating room integration
imaging technology

An industry leader in endoscopy visualization and medical monitors for over 20 years, NDS offers a diverse portfolio of advanced products and solutions, delivering seamless and reliable medical-grade visualization, surgical displays and OR integration technologies. Our mission is to enable our customers to improve patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction,
and lower healthcare costs.

Clinical Solutions

Laparoscopy Displays

Known around the world as the gold standard in laparoscopy, NDS widescreen HD medical monitors provide panoramic visualization of abdominal anatomy, in tune with the natural human horizontal field of view. Patented NDS color calibration reproduces tissue hues accurately and consistently, and a high-brightness stabilization feature minimizes glare to allow deep-cavity viewing in varying ambient light environments. ZeroWire wireless medical monitors and solutions offer the surgical team more freedom of movement and better flexibility in surgical monitor placement.

Arthroscopy Displays

Arthroscopic procedures demand detailed inspection of tendons, ligaments, and joints, and are more readily visualized on a medical-grade, high-resolution surgical display. Focused solely on endoscopic technologies, NDS offers the largest range of visualization configurations with video processing monitor platforms ideally suited to support the most demanding endoscopic camera and c-arm systems. Splash and scratch-proof Radiance Ultra displays are extremely durable and dependable, and can be configured to meet your clinical needs.

Endo/GI Displays

Endoscopic visualization in life-like color and detail is critical in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases. NDS endoscopy ZeroWire HD wireless medical monitors and solutions offer cordless mobility in monitor placement even during procedures, bringing greater flexibility and workflow safety to the Endo/GI team. EndoVue and Radiance displays are engineered for the unique challenges of the endoscopy procedure room. Patented NDS color calibration reproduces tissue color accurately and consistently. High-brightness LED backlight helps control glare in varying ambient light conditions.

Fluoroscopy Displays

Viewing live, dynamic images in real time during a fluoroscopy procedure enables surgeons to confirm diagnoses in many areas of the body including bones, joints, muscles, and solid organs, as well as digestive, urinary and reproductive systems. NDS medical displays connect easily to various c-arm systems, delivering deep grayscale contrasts and vibrant color response in addition to split-screen and picture-in-picture capabilities.

Navigation Displays

Image-based navigation technology in neurological and other procedures can help surgeons to guide their instruments with the precision required for maximum accuracy. With advanced surgical display visualization processing capabilities, NDS medical monitors render high-quality, fine-resolution color and grayscale imaging to assist the surgical team in navigation-dependent procedures.

Hybrid OR Medical Imaging Systems

The Hybrid OR is the intersection of diagnostic and surgical procedures, bringing together different technologies typically housed in separate suites. These demanding environments require advanced imaging platforms designed to interface with complex signal chains on multiple levels. NDS video processing and ZeroWire wireless HD medical monitor solutions are purpose built to deliver flexibility and connectivity at every point along the video chain. Radiance Ultra medical displays enable multiple image overlays with world-class color and grayscale image quality.