NDS Surgical Imaging revolutionized the medical imaging industry with its development of the industry’s first Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technologies for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) viewing applications in 1996. The company continues that tradition of innovation with technological and engineering advances serving the rapidly developing surgical markets. Those markets encompass a range of specific areas where NDSsi’s products are used, including endoscopy, image guided surgery, interventional medicine, and patient monitoring. NDSsi is the global leader in designing and manufacturing comprehensive medical imaging and video processing solutions for today’s operative and interventional suites.

The company’s success is a testimony to a proven track record of innovation and adoption by leading medical technology companies, hospitals and university medical centers worldwide.  Its reputation for professional commitment and responsiveness to customers is unparalleled. Driven by technological innovation and real-time knowledge of medical imaging needs, NDSsi consistently raises the bar by staying ahead of the latest advancements in medical imaging technologies.

The company’s market leadership is built upon its unique ability to supply the medical profession with technologies that enable practitioners to integrate information from many sources, visualize a defect or condition within the body and to perform an intervention that improves the quality of care.

NDSsi is located in Silicon Valley, with US-based manufacturing, R&D facilities and a strong global presence in more than 35 countries. The company recognizes that employees are a key value to its success. NDSsi is led by a seasoned management team with solid, quality engineering expertise in imaging technologies, and extensive industry backgrounds in healthcare technologies.

NDSsi brings an in-depth understanding of the regulatory, compliance, and medical industry environment. The company is an FDA-registered and ISO-certified company with all products certified under the most stringent US, Asian, and European safety and environmental regulations.