ConductOR™ Video Management

Radiance G2 Standard

Medical-Grade Video Management System

Built for the minimally-invasive surgery suite, ConductOR is a customizable solution that enables routing of virtually any medical imaging source to the surgeon’s field of view and beyond. This powerful medical-grade appliance can serve as the video processing backbone for integrated operating theaters, enhancing clinical workflow and improving overall efficiency.

With the ability to work seamlessly with NDS’s Radiance line of surgical displays, ConductOR offers industry-leading HD image routing and HD surgical video streaming over IP networks, and addresses the needs of the surgical suite by delivering all the functionality of a typical A/V rack into a single device.

  • Matrix switching functionality that allows any input to be routed to any output simultaneously and independently.
  • Converts any OR video source to DVI, Fiber Optic, or 3G-SDI for easy routing of images to a boom-mounted or wall-mounted display.
  • Streams OR video sources (in HD) and audio to remote locations via Ethernet.
  • Preserves image quality and signal integrity by eliminating the need to run multiple video cables over long distances to a display.
Medical-Grade Video Management System

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