ZeroWire Mobile
Improving clinical ergonomics
with cordless mobility

A medical-grade, easy-to-use, highly mobile imaging solution, ZeroWire Mobile is the only battery-powered display stand designed specifically for the endoscopy environment. Engineered to support two cleanable and rechargeable power modules, ZeroWire Mobile can power an NDS 32” monitor for up to five hours of continuous operation. A simple “hot-swap” process allows the user to change power modules when necessary from a convenient wall-mounted charging system. When paired with NDS’ ZeroWire G2 wireless technology, ZeroWire Mobile becomes both a cordless and wireless solution (patent pending).

Helping improve workflow efficiency and ergonomics

By eliminating the display power cable, ZeroWire Mobile enables the untethered mobility of endoscopy displays, enabling the monitor to be easily positioned within the room, and quickly relocated from room to room throughout the facility. With no cords, the display stand can help reduce clutter and minimize tripping hazards. Without the need to clean and maintain cables, room turnaround may also be reduced.

Hot-swap power module system

When a power module is running low, both a visual and audible alarm indicate the need to re-charge. By selecting a freshly charged power module from the ZeroWire Mobile 4-bay wall charger, the battery is easily “hot-swapped” with no interruption in power to the display.

ZeroWire G2 external transmitter and receiver

Wireless video transmission on a cordless display stand

Advanced, second-generation ZeroWire G2 technology from NDS delivers full HD-video without noticeable video delay. Automatic pairing logic maintains a signal lock between transmitter and receiver, and a built-in video scaler processor enables virtually any HD-video source to be plug-and-play compatible. The 60 GHz ZeroWire G2 wireless video system can be utilized as either external devices, or embedded within the display for a more streamlined solution.

ZeroWire G2 receiver mounted on display

Embedded ZeroWire G2 receiver within the Radiance Ultra display

Greater mobility in and out of the OR

ZeroWire Mobile is designed to give the end user greater control over endoscopic visualization, and better freedom of movement to help enable more streamlined workflow.

Easy mobility

Flexible positioning

Ergonomic adjustment

Intelligent engineering
from NDS