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PRESS RELEASE - March 13, 2007

NDS Surgical Imaging Launches New Product Lines, Enters Infection Control Markets
Expansion Demonstrates Company's Commitment to Patient Safety in Surgical and Imaging Markets

San Jose, CA – NDS Surgical Imaging today announced its expansion into Surgery-related infection control markets at the 54th Annual Congress of the Association of Peri-Operative Registered Nurses (AORN) in Orlando, FL.  The new business expansion addresses infection control needs by introducing next-generation hospital grade disinfectants and barrier protection solutions.

With Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) on the rise, including MRSA, the need to maintain a safe surgical environment has never been more critical. All clinical personnel must constantly monitor their own movements and practices, those of others, and the status of the overall field to prevent inadvertent breaches in the sterile environment. Any lapse in procedures to prevent contamination can place the patient and clinical staff at high risk as well as expose hospitals to liability and cost burdens. NDS Surgical Imaging is focused primarily on reducing the incidence and costs of Surgical-Site Infections (SSI) at the point-of-care.

“While autoclaves can be used to sterilize surgical instruments, associated OR equipment such as imaging and video processing equipment, tables, carts, and C-arms must be disinfected after each patient use,” says Dhiraj Carumbaya, VP of Marketing at NDS. “We are addressing cross-contamination risks with innovative infection control products that help maintain a safer environment for the patient and clinical teams, increase OR efficiencies and reduce costs associated with HAIs.”

OR-Cleanse™ and Steri-Wipe™ are simple to use, next generation disinfectant products designed for hard, non-porous surfaces of surgical and imaging equipment.  They are the world’s fastest surface disinfectant with 50 seconds TB kill time and 10 times faster than other products for other pathogens. With no carcinogens or hormone-disrupting chemicals (NPEs), these environmentally friendly products are safe for OR equipment and clinical teams.
Sterile-Touch™ screens provide effective, barrier protection against microbial transmission derived from medical imaging equipment at the point-of-care. They are designed specifically for visualization devices that require constant contact with clinicians.

About NDS Surgical Imaging, LLC
NDS Surgical Imaging has focused on delivering advanced visualization solutions that have revolutionized surgical and diagnostic imaging applications, globally, for over a decade. As the company moves into the next decade of innovation, delivery of new cutting edge products will enhance operative and interventional workflow, enabling better patient care.

NDS’ vision is built upon its unique ability to supply the medical profession with technologies that enable practitioners to integrate information from many image sources, visualize a defect or condition within the body and to perform an intervention that improves the quality of care. NDS is a privately held company, located in Silicon Valley with US-based manufacturing, R&D facilities and a global presence in more than 35 countries. For more information, visit www.ndssi.com.

Dhiraj Carumbaya                                              Jim Ciardella
Vice President, Marketing                                    Vice President and CFO
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