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PRESS RELEASE - October 8, 2007

NDS Surgical Imaging Announces Availability of New OR Device Integration Products for the Modern Surgical Suite

San Jose, CA - NDS Surgical Imaging (NDS), a leading provider of digital technologies for modern surgical suites, announces release of the next generation OR device integration products for mission-critical surgical environments. With the release of ConnectORTM, a multifunctional yet affordable product, NDS underlines its continuing commitment to technology excellence and its ability to deliver state of the art performance to the market. Featuring full fiber optic support, ConnectORTM is the ultimate choice for digital distribution and documentation of surgical procedures.

ConnectORTM is an easy to use, Class-I medical device from NDS that offers complete video switching, surgical image streaming and a digital capture solution for surgical carts or integrated ORs. Fully compliant for medical use in surgery, the ConnectORTM product benefits from NDS proprietary signal processing and communication technologies in its 1U form factor, delivering unprecedented performance in a small, cost-effective, plug and play package, says Dhiraj Carumbaya, VP of Marketing at NDS. Easy, affordable audio, video and imaging signal control for surgical and interventional suites is now a reality.

Centralized DC power and fiber support make OR installations faster and simpler. The scaleable design philosophy of the ConnectORTM architecture allows centralized control of physically stacked units. This enables product use in simple or demanding imaging environments. This new, UL-certified, CE-marking approved, RoHS-compliant product allows multiple external users to seamlessly view and capture surgical video and audio in the OR, enabling specialists to deliver therapy remotely.

About NDS Surgical Imaging
NDS Surgical Imaging has focused on delivering advanced visualization solutions that have revolutionized surgical and diagnostic imaging applications, globally, for over a decade. As the company moves into the next decade of innovation, delivery of new cutting edge products will enhance operative and interventional workflow, enabling better patient care.

NDS vision is built upon its unique ability to supply the medical profession with technologies that enable practitioners to integrate information from many image sources, visualize a defect or condition within the body and to perform an intervention that improves the quality of care. NDS is a privately held company, located in Silicon Valley with US-based manufacturing, R&D facilities and a global presence in more than 35 countries. For more information, visit www.ndssi.com

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