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NDS Surgical Imaging Extends the Reach of PACS

NDSsi Introduces New Dome Displays and Features Enhanced Visualization Solutions at RSNA 2008

San Jose, Calif., November 30, 2008 — NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi), a worldwide leader in medical visualization informatics, announces the next generation of imaging solutions for the PACS market at RSNA 2008 in Chicago, November 30- December 4. NDSsi will showcase Dome enhanced imaging solutions at Booth #4029 (South Building, Hall A) and Booth #8944 (North Building, Hall B), including the new Dome Z10, a 10-megapixel grayscale display, and the Dome E3c High-Bright (E3cHB), a 3-megapixel high-bright color display.

Extending the Reach of PACS
Traditionally, PACS has had to rely upon advanced network and information capabilities to get patient data and images to remote locations. New NDSsi technologies break those boundaries and bring radiology reading beyond traditional walls.  NDSsi has developed a set of advanced visualization tools that enable clinicians to easily view medical images and informatics. The Company’s strong portfolio of Dome medical displays and ConnectOR, a complete Video Switching and Image Streaming solution, are the baseline behind NDSsi’s newest innovation. 

“NDSsi is bringing PACS and other departmental imaging systems together in ways that have never been possible before,” says Brent Michael, Vice President of Sales, Americas.  “We have developed medical visualization informatics technologies that offer instant connectivity between medical professionals by enabling real-time, interactive consultation on high-resolution displays in areas such as the surgical suite.”

Additionally, NDSsi is offering a mobile imaging solution which supports the critical need for true diagnostic primary interpretation with the use of a laptop driving the Dome EX line of auto calibrating displays. The portability of the laptop allows the radiologist to take studies with them from the office and easily allows IT departments to securely manage systems connected to the hospital’s private networks.  This mobile solution uses a laptop, high-performance video card, and Dome EX displays.

Pioneering the Next Generation of Imaging
NDSsi pioneers innovative, ergonomic products designed for flexibility and versatility in imaging.  With the introduction of the Dome Z10, the newest in the line of Dome 30-inch displays, and the Dome E3c High-Bright (E3cHB), the newest in the line of Dome high-bright color displays, the Company is committed to bringing forward thinking and clinically relevant technologies to market to provide true benefit to the end user.

The Dome Z10 is appropriate for all imaging modalities with a focus on digital mammography, which requires film-like precision, delivering unmatched image accuracy and grayscale clarity. The 30-inch display size of the Dome Z10 offers seamless side-by-side digital study comparisons and improved workflow efficiency.  The 10-megapixel resolution enables greater image capabilities, and more efficient reading.

The Dome Z10 supports the open architecture design that is consistent across all Dome diagnostic displays, allowing for flexible system configurations that meet the needs of particular applications.  Third party software providers can now rapidly develop and deploy applications because of the Dome open architecture approach, including 10-bit imaging.  See one of several applications, Three Palm Software running with NVIDIA Quadro graphics controllers, that emphasizes the 10- bit imaging and rapid development benefits of the Dome Z10 at RSNA 2008.

“Most mammography applications currently present upwards of 16 bits of data and are limited by the inability of software and closed architecture solutions to drive more than 8 bits of grayscale to the display,” says Mark Ciullo, Dome Product Manager, NDS Surgical Imaging. “Using these open systems, with displays such as the Dome Z10 or Dome E5 bypass that limitation to display an astounding 10 bits of data. This solution allows for more visible, just noticeable differences (JNDs) in the presented image which can increase the accuracy of diagnosis.”

The Dome E3cHB color display, at 700 nits typical, is ideal for high-resolution PACS imaging, color ultrasound, CT, MRI, CAD, and PET-CT fusion. The Dome E3cHB’s open architecture design is capable of leveraging the latest in graphics technology and state-of-the-art graphics standards which enable faster display performance.

The Dome E3cHB and Dome Z10 are compatible with the new Dome Dashboard 2.0 software, a console application that enables PACS administrators and IT managers to centrally manage, control, and report on the state of Dome displays. A new version of Dome CXtra software, which monitors, controls, and automatically adjusts DICOM calibration of Dome displays to the user’s desired luminance across all gray levels, is bundled with Dome E3cHB, Dome Z10 and all other Dome displays.

For more information on NDSsi’s product portfolio, please visit our website at www.ndssi.com

About NDS Surgical Imaging
Based in Silicon Valley, California, NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi) delivers visualization systems that enable imaging informatics for the surgical and PACS markets. NDSsi products have revolutionized medical imaging applications globally for more than 12 years. As the company moves into the next decade of innovation, its delivery of new cutting edge display and other high-technology products will enhance diagnostic, clinical and surgical performance, enabling better clinical outcomes. NDSsi is a privately held company with US-based manufacturing, R&D facilities, and a global presence in more than 35 countries. For more information, visit www.ndssi.com.


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