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NDS Surgical Imaging Demonstrates Long-term Commitment to Industry-leading Product Development

Announces the Return of Original DOME Founder, Dr. Peter M. Steven, to Lead the Future of Medical Imaging Technologies

SAN JOSE, Calif. – November 30, 2009 -- NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi) of San Jose, California, announces its next generation products, technology, and software solutions at RSNA 2009. NDSsi will unveil a host of technologies that will again change the way the industry looks at clinical visualization systems. NDSsi will highlight a new and enhanced way to automate conformance testing for medical imaging displays, new features and functionality in calibration and display management software, and several new technology advances for medical imaging. In addition, NDSsi will showcase its new ZeroWire® wireless technology. With these products, NDSsi continues to show its commitment to innovation and new technologies with a focus on true clinical value. NDSsi fuels collaborative medicine through new imaging solutions as part of the company’s core vision for Medical Visualization Informatics (MVI).

With the recent return of Dr. Peter M. Steven, an original founder of DOME, NDSsi will benefit from his extensive industry and product knowledge to continue to create and bring to market a core set of products and technologies focused on medical imaging. During his prior tenure as co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of DOME, Dr. Steven helped design and develop the first medical imaging LCD display as well as novel display controllers for medical imaging. He also conceived and implemented the first auto-calibrating medical flat panel display, which remains the industry’s gold standard.

“For more than a decade, Peter Steven was a key member of the DOME organization and revolutionized this market. I know that he will again bring ideas that will change the marketplace in the years to come,” explained John Murphy, President and Chief Executive Officer of NDSsi. “With NDSsi’s firm commitment to clinical visualization systems, coupled with Peter’s experience, we are excited to once again transform the medical visualization market.”

At RSNA 2009, NDSsi will unveil the latest in displays, technology and software.

NDSsi will reveal a new version of its Dome E2c display into the existing HighBright family. The Dome E2cHB is ideal for diagnostic viewing in PACS workstations, modality review, and multi-specialty clinical environments such as surgical, OR, ER, and ICU. The Dome E2cHB has high-bright backlight technology and offers completely automated and continuous DICOM calibration. The Dome HighBright color series also allows radiologists to use a single display for both color and grayscale reading.
The Z10, a 10-megapixel display, provides radiologists substantial advantages in mammography reading. The 4096x2560 area allows for two full 5-megapixel images to be displayed back-to-back without the intervening bezels, which is ideal for mammography screening. NDSsi will also introduce specific features on the Z10 that help to streamline mammography workflow, making it a complete medical visualization system with advanced clinical-driven features to optimize diagnostic workflow and results.

NDSsi will introduce its new patent pending calibration system for medical imaging displays. The revolutionary technique overcomes the well-known problems of front mounted sensors on LCD displays. The innovative technology will provide better calibration, while simplifying routine conformance testing and maintenance. Limited presentations will be given by Dr. Steven in the NDSsi booth at RSNA 2009.
NDSsi will also exhibit new visualization systems utilizing DisplayPortTM technology. DisplayPort, the next-generation, industry-standard video interface, provides high video bandwidth over a slim cable with a small, locking connector. The improved interface allows for high-resolution imaging with flexible pixel configuration, supporting 10-bit grayscale and 30-bit color. NDSsi will offer displays capable of supporting both existing DVI controllers and future DisplayPort controllers to allow a smooth technology transition for customers.

Additionally at RSNA 2009, NDSsi will showcase its new wireless technology, ZeroWire. ZeroWire is an advanced medical grade, Class II device (pending FDA clearance), wireless video solution for minimally invasive surgery and interventional procedures. It reliably delivers full high-definition video in real-time, with ultra-low latency and provides a robust wireless video link immune to interference from other devices. ZeroWire enhances clinical efficiency, safety, and reduced installation costs in the OR by eliminating the need for video cables.

A new version of Dome Dashboard™ with advanced reporting as well as a new Dome CXtra™ version will be introduced by NDSsi. Dome Dashboard software is used to remotely monitor and manage the performance of Dome CXtra-enabled displays throughout the healthcare facility. With advanced reporting, Dome Dashboard enables users to manage and monitor their displays with ease. For example, once a scheduled manual conformance check is completed, the user receives a report with the test results and the next scheduled testing dates for the display systems.  

“NDS Surgical Imaging is truly focused on bringing real clinical benefit to the end user. There is a lot of confusion in the market about what matters from a clinical and diagnostic perspective. We as a company are committed to focusing on the technologies and solutions that truly impact the diagnostic and clinical capabilities of these display systems without confusing the market by introducing features that simply don’t matter,” explained Mark Ciullo, Senior Product Manager. “We understand the requirements from the clinical use case and as a medically focused imaging company are committed to focusing on the features that drive clinical benefit.”

To learn more about NDSsi’s newly introduced products and technologies, please visit booth #3816 at RSNA 2009 or visit our website at http://www.ndssi.com.

About NDS Surgical Imaging
Based in Silicon Valley, California, NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi) provides visualization systems that enable medical and surgical imaging solutions from the radiology reading room to the OR, endoscopy and interventional suites. NDSsi products have revolutionized medical imaging applications for more than 12 years.

As the company moves into the next decade of innovation, the core focus remains to deliver cutting-edge visualization display products and informatics appliances that enable new clinical imaging solutions and fuel collaborative medicine. NDSsi is a privately-held company with US-based R&D and manufacturing and a global presence, with over 200,000 systems installed in more than 35 countries worldwide. For more information, visit www.ndssi.com.


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