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NDS Surgical Imaging Expands Medical Visualization Informatics Capabilities with the Acquisition of Rivulet Communications

Forms New Network Visualization Group and Announces Development of New Networking Product Line

SAN JOSE, California – April 6, 2010 - NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi) today announced the acquisition of the technology and other assets of Rivulet Communications and the creation of its new Network Visualization (NetViz) Group. With this acquisition, NDSsi will be developing a network product to deliver a compelling high-definition end-to-end solution that will display, stream, capture, archive, and remotely access surgical image data.

The newly formed NetViz Group will be led by Chris Roller, Vice President of Engineering, NetViz Group, and will include a number of former Rivulet employees.  The Rivulet team previously developed a patented Quality of Service (QoS) solution for congested IP networks to provide the level of quality required for the demanding application of high definition medical-grade video delivery in real time.

Chris Roller stated, “Rivulet has provided customers with a well integrated and very reliable system for managing medical multimedia within the hospital environment.  We are excited to integrate network visualization into NDSsi’s market-leading surgical, diagnostic and wireless visualization technology portfolio.”

Jens Ruppert, Vice President and General Manager of the Surgical Business Unit, said, “Our customers will now be able to provide products that will allow the surgeon and OR staff to securely view, edit and access surgical images at any time and from anywhere - whether it is immediately inside the OR at the end of a case, days later from the doctor’s home office, or via live video to a conference room.” 

NDSsi’s networking products will be purpose-built for recording, inter-hospital and extra-hospital streaming, network distribution of live surgical video, and will deliver a high performance and reliable solution for today’s surgical environments. This new offering is expected to improve patient outcomes and help drive OR productivity by providing instant and multiple access points to clinically relevant video and images. The complete solution will offer greater flexibility to clinicians from pre-operative diagnostics, to intra-operative endoscopy, and on to post-operative evaluation.

John Murphy, President and CEO of NDSsi, explained, “As a medical visualization innovator that strives to enable new clinical imaging solutions and fuel collaborative medicine, this new development is very exciting as it continues to build on our long term vision of medical visualization informatics. The acquisition of Rivulet’s technology, along with Dome and TZero before it, positions NDSsi within the medical industry as a world leader in interwoven specialties that include Surgical Visualization, Diagnostic Visualization, Wireless Visualization, and now Network Visualization.  These four technology pillars, applied exclusively to clinical applications, together create the unique differentiation we desire in serving our customers.”

About NDS Surgical Imaging
NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi) provides visualization systems that enable medical and surgical imaging solutions from the radiology reading room to the OR, endoscopy and interventional suites. NDSsi products have revolutionized medical imaging applications for more than a decade.

As the company continues to move into the future, the core focus remains to deliver cutting-edge visualization display products and informatics appliances that enable new clinical imaging solutions and fuel collaborative medicine. NDSsi is a privately-held company with its headquarters, R&D and manufacturing based in San Jose, California, and regional offices in Europe and Asia-Pacific. The company has a global presence with over 200,000 systems installed in more than 35 countries worldwide. For more information, visit www.ndssi.com.


Jenna Kuhl
Marketing Communications Manager