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NDS Surgical Imaging Announces New UK Distributor for Dome® Radiology Product Line

Zevenhuizen, April 24, 2012 – NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi), the global leader in medical imaging & informatics solutions, today announced a new partnership with ECA Services Ltd. to represent and distribute its radiology product line (Dome) throughout the UK.

An established supplier of quality high-tech solutions to the UK healthcare market, ECA offers products for medical use that are designed for safety, minimum interference with other electronic devices, and industrial-grade reliability. The addition of NDSsi’s Dome radiology product line is a perfect fit to the existing portfolio.

The Dome product line consists of a comprehensive portfolio of 510(k)-certified radiology monitors for use throughout the hospital, complete with intervention-free DICOM calibration and enterprise management software.  Dome display systems are DICOM calibrated in the factory from the front center of the screen using a high precision light meter. The white level is monitored and maintained using a light sensor in the back of the display. There is no need to calibrate on site. Dome radiology displays are trusted in the world’s top hospitals.

“The UK is one of the major markets for NDSsi, and working with the right partner is essential,” said Rainer Bornwasser, Vice President Sales at NDSsi EMEA. “We are delighted at the new partnership with ECA Services and look forward to a successful business relationship in the coming years. We strongly believe that, together with ECA, we will significantly increase our activities in the UK.”

About ECA
Based in Reading, Berkshire, ECA Services Ltd. serves as a leader in the supply and support of computer solutions for "point-of-care" (POC) medical mission-critical applications, and offers a broad range of medical computing platforms. Many hospitals have deployed ECA medical platforms to help doctors and nurses handle real-time monitoring needs and improve efficiency.

In the field of medical electronics, reliability is crucial. ECA products are time-tested, with a track record of satisfied returning customers who know that their past purchases will be supported, their future demands addressed and their long-term savings assured. ECA also provides integration, repair and extended warranty support for products to ensure maximum availability. For more information, visit www.ecauk.com

About NDS Surgical Imaging
Based in Silicon Valley, CA, NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi) is the global leader in designing and manufacturing medical imaging and informatics systems. NDSsi technology solutions have led the way in re-defining the modern surgical OR, radiology rooms, endoscopy suites and minimally invasive environments.

At the forefront of innovation in medical imaging technology, NDSsi delivers HD visualization and informatics products that enable the clinical imaging solutions of the future, and drive constant improvements in collaborative medicine. NDSsi is a privately held company with US-based R&D and manufacturing facilities, and a global presence in more than 35 countries. For more information, visit www.ndssi.com.



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