Radiance Displays

Radiance 19

Radiance G2 19”

The Radiance G2 19” display offers LED backlight technology to provide bright, clear images, as well as a 900:1 contrast ratio for more enhanced viewing.

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Radiance G2 24”

The Radiance G2 24” display is the first full-featured 24” surgical display to utilize the latest LED backlight technology.

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Radiance G3 26"

Ideally suited for use with today’s state-of-the-art endoscopy camera systems, the Radiance G3 displays video with near-zero latency performance and exceptional color accuracy.

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Radiance G2 26"

The highest-end visualization system available in the industry with the brightest luminance output of any 26” surgical display. It is the first of its kind to incorporate backlight stabilization as well as Color Correction Technology to conform to the BT.709 standard.

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Radiance G2 32"

The Radiance G2 32” is the industry’s first 32” surgical display to feature LED backlight technology.

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Radiance G2 42"

The Radiance G2 42" offers full multi-modality imaging capabilities for two input sources to be viewed simultaneously on the same display with a variety of different on-screen viewing options.

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Radiance G2 55"

The Radiance G2 55” incorporates advanced LED backlight technology, and NDS’s patented Color Calibration Technology. This next generation surgical visualization system is 30% lighter, and consumes half the power of its predecessor.

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Radiance with Touch (24", 55")

This versatile medical visualization system offers an IR touch screen that enables a multitude of interactive applications and includes all of the same features as the Radiance with Full MMI.

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