HD Wireless Medical Devices and Monitors

The first medical device manufacturer to establish a robust wireless HD video link in a surgical operating room, NDS brings advanced wireless technologies to a range of applications. Our award-winning ZeroWire product line delivers full-HD images in real time wirelessly with unnoticeable video delay. Wireless video transmission gives clinical teams greater mobility and flexibility of imaging, which can enhance patient care. ZeroWire also helps eliminate cables which can become tripping hazards, and shorten OR turnaround time by reducing cable cleaning requirements.

Point-to-Point Tracking

The ZeroWire G2 wireless system is intelligently designed to transmit at a 45-degree angle, directing the signal away from obstacles and maintaining signal lock by constantly tracking its receiver partner, even if repositioned during a procedure.

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Signal Containment

Our wireless solutions are engineered to the exacting specifications of real-world endoscopy suites and operating rooms. By containing the wireless signal within a specified radius, NDS technology significantly reduces the risk of interference with other electrical equipment throughout the facility.

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Medical Grade

The ZeroWire G2 wireless solution is medical-grade certified to operate within the patient vicinity. Wireless video transmission allows clinical teams greater mobility and flexibility of imaging, while helping to streamline procedure room efficiency.

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Enhancing staff and patient safety

Cables and wires on the operating room floor can become tripping hazards and create an unsafe OR environment. NDS wireless technology is designed to help reduce cables, thereby improving OR safety.