Medical Management in the Integrated OR

The convergence of medical imaging technologies from various sources, both analog and digital, creates unique complexities in signal processing within the integrated operating room. NDS was first to innovate Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technologies for visualization and image management systems used in minimally invasive surgery. Taking a holistic view of the modern integrated operating room, NDS engineers developed powerful medical video processing solutions with the aim to manage large and complex medical video data challenges through uniquely innovative, small-footprint devices.

OR Integration Simplicity

VIMA is an innovative video management and recording system designed to simplify integration. Combining low-latency signal routing with DICOM-compatible recording & image capture capabilities, VIMA provides a highly flexible solution for operating rooms and advanced Endo/GI procedure room applications. Utilizing a simple and intuitive graphical user interface on a large-format touch display, clinical staff can easily manage numerous imaging sources, route images to specific monitors, and transfer recorded video and still-image captures to a PACS system. Using VIMA in combination with the ScaleOR™ video scaler and Radiance® Ultra displays from NDS, an integrated solution can quickly be installed with a plug and-play approach.

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OR Integration Connectivity

Imagine all the functionality of a typical video rack in a single routing solution. NDS provides real-time medical image management of critical patient data from virtually any medical imaging source to the surgeon’s field of view and beyond. Connecting the realms of surgical video, live streaming surgery, PACS imaging, and medical informatics, our design engineering team is dedicated to producing streamlined products designed to save space, reduce clutter, and enhance procedural efficiencies.

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OR Integration Flexibility

Eliminating the need for numerous devices to overcome the signal complexities of digital and analog video conversion and scaling, NDS provides the ultimate flexibility in one compact, modular solution. Intelligent engineering enables multiple tasks from a single, space-saving device, allowing universal video format conversion and easy connectivity between equipment with incompatible video signal inputs and outputs.

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OR Integration Security

NDS technology leads the way in secure bi-directional video & audio streaming. With unique multi-node capability, HD streaming at 1080p to multiple selected destinations simultaneously provides the user with control over content security and patient privacy.

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